What is re.2et.in (ReTweeting) ?

re.2et.in (ReTweeting) is a twitter application where you can post your tweet to get retweeted by other members. It helps you to broadcast your message to a large audience.

How can it help me ? Tell me in details...

Twitter is a social network where you can follow other people and post 140 character long messages, popularly called tweets, about yourself or your service or product. These messages reach only your followers who get to see it in their timeline.
Now re.2et.in (ReTweeting) plays a crucial role in broadcasting your tweets to a larger audience. Suppose you have a website or blog to promote. If you post it on twitter, only your followers can see it on their timeline. But, if you post it on re.2et.in (ReTweeting), it will get retweeted by your fellow members. So everyone who are following your fellow members will get to know about your website or blog. Proper use of re.2et.in (ReTweeting) results in huge traffic on website or blog.

I can see Bitcoin Accepted Here. What am I going to get against my Coins ?

You can buy credits in the system against your coins. These credits are used against your tweets which you want to be retweeted by others. re.2et.in ReTweeting exclusively accepts Bitcoins, i.e. no other payment mode is supported.

So, can I earn Bitcoins here ?

Yes you can !!! re.2et.in (ReTweeting) now supports this feature. You can convert your credits, that you will earn by retweeting others, to Bitcoin.

OK... Got it ! Tell me how to join...

Very easy... just authenticate your twitter account through the Sign in with Twitter button at the top right corner of this page. You need to have a minimum of 10 followers to join the system. Once you join re.2et.in (ReTweeting) the system will show you a number of messages awaiting to be retweeted. You retweet them to gain credit and re-use that credit to add your messages for retweeting. This is how your tweet goes viral on Twitter just like you help other's tweet to go viral across the world.

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